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Your old Google Analytics Data will be deleted Soon.
Are you ready?

Archive your Universal Google Analytics data today!  
Your data from the old version of Google Analytics will be deleted soon. We can save that data for you so it can be used in Looker Studio or any other reporting tool, then combined with your existing GA4 data. 

The number of days until your Google Universal Analytics data is deleted by Google.


Why Store your old google analytics data?


Universal Google Analytics data will be deleted Soon


To get Year over Year data you need to store that data where you can report on it


Get the Combined (UA + GA4) insights you need for all of 2023

How do we Store Your Data?

We retrieve your data from old Google Analytics and store it in a database that you control and will not expire. You can get all your old Google Analytics data in a secure and reliable location for as long as you need it.

Many reporting tools can report on your archived data. Looker Studio is one that will integrate your data seamlessly, giving you the visibility you once had in Google Analytics.

How will I report on my data?

We can show you how to report on ALL your Google Analytics data

Reporting on Digital Analytics data in GA4 can be tough if you want to understand performance for all of 2023. We can show you how to view performance on your current GA4 data and your historic data, all in the same dashboard.

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