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There are over 5,000+ different marketing tools available today. Each of them is a data silo your analysts manage and report on separately. As a result: 
The average analyst spends 70% or more of their time managing spreadsheets, gathering different reports, and cleaning data.
Your analysts are spending their time collecting and managing data. But your business insights and direction. Your analysts need to be using the data collected through these marketing tools to tell the stories of your campaigns, your ads, and your business success.
In order to create the stories illustrating your great campaigns and strategy, we have to solve these problems:
Our Solution:

The Marketing Science Department are experts at marketing data wrangling and have an approach and tools that will handle all your data and provide the support you need to tell your most compelling brand stories. Here are the pillars of our approach:

Data Aggregation

Aggregating your data starts with a Data Pipeline. We then add Connectors and Destinations to get exactly what you need.

Each marketing data source we retrieve data from is a Connector. Destinations are where we send data. These are usually databases but can be a BI / Analytics tool.

Watch the video below for an overview.
Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics
Doubleclick Campaign Manager
Google My Business
iTunes Connect
App Annie
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Dynamo DB
Google Cloud SQL

Reporting Technology Solutions

We work with a support a variety of reporting and BI tools. Here is a short list of our favorites:
Google Data Studio
Keen IO

Getting Insights

How do we generate insights?
Insights come from a combination of knowing when changes are happening to your data and making sure you can take action on those changes. To help create insights, we provide Anomaly Detection and Analyst Support.

Anomaly Detection
All Data Pipelines include Anomaly Detection with alerting so if any trend changes you get notified. These changes are often the foundation for insights and stories. When you notified you can take advantage and be the first to share!

Analyst Support
We work side-by-side with you to understand your needs and make sure you understand the data you have along with how to query and turn that data into powerful stories. We can also work as a member of your team helping you to get the best data out to stakeholders.
HIPAA Compliance
For those who need HIPAA compliance,
we are certified and can sign that BAA

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